Tree menu...must read and reply

okay you dont really have to reply but I would appreciate it :slight_smile: I have been trying unsuccessfully to remake the macromendia tree menu ( ) does anyone have a fla or a tutorial I can check out on how to create a tree menu like this one.

Thanks in advance

I don’t se what you mean. Where exactly on that page ?

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Over to the right over the flash…along the right side. It looks like regulr text but if you click one of the links. It is a tree menu.

actually that was a bad description. In the middle of this age there is a flash object telling you to buy or try fireworks…to the right of that is what I am talking about. It is like a tree menu. Click one of the links that has a little triangle next to it and you will see what I mean.

I don’t know how to that simply. Browse Flashkit if you already know Actionscript well, I’m sure they’re full of what you want.…/index.php

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OK, that fla was crazy. This should be much more understandable :…/index.php

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Hey thanks POM, actually I found an easy way out this time. Macromedia actually has a extension for that. BUt I will revisit this and learn to build it from scratch. Do not have the time now thanks.