Tricky 100% Scaling problem?

I need to scale an SWF in a browser in such a way that the MOVIE fills up the screen (100%w&h) but does not stretch the content. I know this is possible for projector, but is it possible for a browser?\r\rYour help is much appreciated. \r\r- DSon

without stretching the content? I’m not sure how that would be possible. I’ve always used tables, with 9 cells, and scaled the outside cells to compensate for the border when I needed to have it that way. Perhaps some of the others know of a way… I’ll be interested in seeing the answers myself.

It’s not possible! If you got a movie thats 800 pixels x 600 pixels the only way you can see it in fullscreen mode is with a screen resolution thats 800x600…so the content will always be streched if the resoloution of the screen is’nt the same size as the swf file…and I really don’t understand why you think projektor does’nt stretch, it does’nt or else i’m going mad :-)\r\rYou can set the the swf file publish settings and you’ll get the movie to fill the screen, but it gonna stretch:\rPublish settings > HTML > Dimensions > Percent\r

oh yeah… as long as you are using Vector objects, like those native to Flash, stretching will not distort… Raster images are the only thing that I know which distorts when enlarged.

ok! so if you’re only using vectors in your movie you can use the metode that mentioned.\r\rBy the way! Thanks upuaut8 :0)

Well… it will still stretch it out… but vectors look the same, no matter the resolution… it just wont be distorted.

I was kinda lost here because I was thinking that distortion not size proportion were different. \rThe important thing here is that it stays proportional and thus does not look distorted. in my opinion even raster images don’t become distorted they just become pixilated. I guess I think this because when I use distortion it is very different then just resizing the image in photoshop.\r\rglad it worked out for you,\rMatt

yeah… I was having a hard time understanding exactly what was meant by the word “distorted”