Tricky comparison test


i’m making a special navigation system for an assignment, based around the concept of lego. Basically i’m going to have moveable blocks in the site that you can drag around and “build” patterns with (like real lego).

What i want to do is make the content so that it is only revealed once you build the right pattern… so there’d be patterns for “home”, “about” etc. that you could see, and when you construct that, it’ll reveal the new info, almost like you need an entry code.

can this be done with not-SUPER-hard script? I can’t really work out a way to make flash compare the two and see if they’re the same, apart from giving each block some kind of value to check… but i don’t have much idea how to go about it, because i haven’t done heaps of this kind of thing with AS before.

so, can it be done without heaps of hassle, and if anyone has time, could you please outline the kinds of things i’d do for it? I’ll be working out how to do the grid-based snapping myself, so i shoudln’t need help with that.

thanks so much!

  • stuart