Tricky navigation

hi over there,

i got a problem with my navigation and i don´t really know why it´s not working. i got 5 buttons in a row. on mouseover i want to replace the chosen button with 3 or 4 buttons (they should smoothly, vertically come up and all other buttons should come closer, depending on the longest of the new buttons). on rollout i want to go back to the first button.

so, i put the first row of buttons on frame 1 (the action´s stop). on mouseover it keeps going to frame 2 and smoothly the buttons come up. on 5 there´s a stop action. on rollout it keeps going to frame 8, where it´s back to normal again. on a second mouseover it´s supposed to go to frame 2. and there´s the problem, sometimes it works, sometimes not.

has anyone an idea about that?



on frame 8 instead of having a stop action, have a


action. Then it will always go back to 1. in addition the on that tells the play head to play(); on mouse over should actually read gotoAndPlay(2);. That way it will always start it out at the right place if you roll back over it again.