Triggering Actions with Sound

I’m wondering if it is possible to trigger an action within flash from an audio file.

What I have been thinking of doing is making videos in flash to the music i make, and a very cool effect would be if you could tell flash to do something when something occurs in the sound. ie. for every 3db that the 80-125hz notch moves, flash moves an object X% or applies X% of an effect.

Essentially it would be like some of the winamp plugins that generate graphics to the music… I havn’t found any info on this, and am hoping it would be possible… if not, maybe in flash 6! :slight_smile:


somewhere on this board, a guy posted something about that, just a few days ago.

you know though Pom… I’m not all that sure that post was accurate… we’ve had a discussion about that effect in the past, and the conclusion was, none of us have ever heard of a way of having mhz levels… or even volume levels, control anything in Flash.

I’m certainly open to the possibility… I’m always finding stuff today, that I thought Flash couldn’t do yesterday.

I found the message I think you were refering to (re: FlashAmp)… I tried out the demo and at first thought it wasn’t really that good at all - as it only generated the frames acording to the overall volume.

but… what could be done is taking the wav/mp3 and making several files out of it that have been processed through an EQ so that only specific frequencys are heard… so if you wanted to do a graphic eq, you would have to make an audiofile for each “band”, put each one through flashamp and once that was all done load in the original sound file into flash…

it’s a bit of a roundabout way, but i think that would work for more fine tuned results - this way you would also get more dynamics in the results, as chances are the original file is compressed and lacking dynamics in the volume.


that sounds like a plan.