Trigonometry - (No one will figure this out)

This requires a Trig Wiz and someone good at AS and AS2…

This is the Trig assignment i was given:

This is my model of the double ferris wheel using Pure AS2:

given the function

HEIGHT = 44-(25Math.cos(6Math.PITIME)+(16Math.cos((6Math.PITIME)-(10Math.PITIME))));

and the angles of rotation represented here:

o_angle = (Algebra.toRadian(180/2)-6*Math.PI*TIME);
u_angle = (Algebra.toRadian(180/2+180)-6*Math.PI*TIME);
p_angle = (Algebra.toRadian(180/2)+10*Math.PI*TIME);

Why doesn’t it work? The graph of the grey line is the graph of the above function over time. It is the graph of the Height of the rider at any given point in time, as time progresses. ‘P’ is the visual point representation of the ‘Chair’ that your sitting in. only… its not correct… The Arm moves correctly at 3 RPM CCW and the chair moves correctly according to a function at 5 RPM CW, and their angles are measured as functions in relation to Time, but their spin, i.e. the location of point ‘P’ at any given time, does NOT match the height that ‘P’ is supposed to be at that point in time, given by the aforementioned HEIGHT function. The graph of the Red line is the height of point ‘P’ at any given time, and the graph of the Grey line is the height of ‘X’ at any given time. Point ‘X’ is the same _x value as ‘P’, only with the correct _y value as plugged in by the aforementioned HEIGHT functioned.

The purple line is being drawn by point ‘X’ as the program runs its course.

The only thing i can think of, as to why the height of ‘P’ does not equal what the function says it should, is because i had to convert the small measures of feet into pixel measurements. But it uses perfect proportions for everything, and every radial value is plugged into a formula relational to time. It uses 8 or so decimal places so it should be pretty darned accurate.

Anybody who needs to see the code is welcome to it, and anybody who can figure out how to make the ferris wheel rotate how it should, and how to get the graph of the red line to match the graph of the grey line, will be nothing less than a genius.