Trivia: win a fla!

Ok, so here’s this weeks question:

What does the FS in “FScommand” stand for?

First one to answer right gets a free fla…whatever…

As soon as this one’s answered, up to the one who got it to post the next one.
Like the game?

Full Screen, now wheres my prize? Are you giving away girls by any chance?


More importantly, eyez, what the heck does MX stand for?

(No, phil, it’s not Maximum Xtreme–at least I pray to God it is not.)


Phil: sorry, wrong answer…no girl this time!
(btw, when you gonna remove to make some room 4 the rest of it?)

time2: That was the next trivia, but you’re not s’posed 2 b allowed to ask yet, as you don’t have the answer either!! lol

JavaScript Communication

(ie. Flash executing javascript statements in a web browser). However, fscommand’s scope is actually broader than that.)

Wheres my Chick? Can I get her now? It sure would beat having to go out and get my own mountain bride…

Im right, aren’t I?


Nope :wink:
But you’re allowed to have another go! lol
Try fishing a mermaid…if you don’t mind the smell…

Flash Super Command ?

pom 0]

Ok, I’m off to bed, good guesses so far, if nobody found out by tomorrow when i get home, I’ll give you a clue…Nity Nite!

File System

Fil S’tryin’ …no luck though :slight_smile:
Check the “Question” post…and don’t get angry, lol…take the file of your server!!!

I have 1, 2 & 7 and have removed 7 from the server. I am surprised it allowed you to do that, remember, the size limit is 6 meg and seems to be enforced. But pleased it did. I need 3,4,5,6 & then my weapon on my new Death Star shall be complete and I shall rule the world…




fscommand(command, arguments);

  1. command: A string passed to the host application for any use.

  2. arguments: A string passed to the host application for any use.


fscommand allows the Flash movie to communicate with the program hosting the Flash Player. In a Web browser, fscommand calls the JavaScript function moviename_Dofscommand in the HTML page containing the Flash movie, where moviename is the name of the Flash Player as assigned by the NAME attribute of the EMBED tag or the ID property of the OBJECT tag. If the Flash Player is assigned the name theMovie, the JavaScript function called is theMovie_Dofscommand.

Thats a definition, not the meaning of FS, nor what it (FS) stands for. And also, you got it from the same place I copied and pasted above, cheaterhead… :rollin:

FS = Flash Syntax
As in Flash Syntax Command

I get the prize, right?


Ok…so I cheated, doesn’t everyone lol! Ok so I went a little more into depth this time:

fscommand(command, arguments)

fscommand = global function that sends a message to the standalone Player or to the Player’s host application (i.e. the browser).

command = name of the javascript function.

argument = used in adjacent to the command to specify the string or boolean value.

Here is a list of commands that run adjacent to the to the arguments below them considering the duplicate number:


  1. “allowscale”
  2. “exec”
  3. “fullscreen”
  4. “quit”
  5. “showmenu”
  6. “trapallkeys”


  1. “true” or “false”
  2. “Application Name”
  3. “true” or “false”
  4. null (leave blank)
  5. “true” or “false”
  6. “true” or “false”

Uses of fscommand() are as follows:

  1. To send one of a limited set of built-in commands to the standalone Flash Player.

  2. To send commands to a scripting language such as Javascript or VBScript in a web browser.

  3. To communicate with Lingo in a Macromedia Director movie.

Was that in enough depth
for anyone to understand,
God I hope anyone agrees!

I’m gonna guess with “File System”.

Dan: as Phil said, not how it works, just wath the “FS” stands for…
Upu’, sorry, no…
Phil, take 2 off 2 make room 4 3…lol

No clue yet, I’m off to work and check back asa i get back home, some people haven’t had a shot yet…

I am getting 3 as I speak, a few moments. Missing 4,5,6. Over.
The sparrow flies South in the Summer and Frosty needs a summer home, over.


how about Future Splash?

Hmmmm… Function Script?..yea thats the ticket!

"Future Splash" Command, the original name for Flash.