Trouble Calling a Variable

Here’s my dilemma.

I am using gfxcomplex’s image resize class to load a background image for me and it uses an external actionscript file.

I am taking the compiled SWF from this and loading it into my flash project. I am trying to add a listener to detect a “is loaded” variable that’s in the external actionscript file.

So you know what I’m trying to do, gfxcomplex image resize class basically loads a background image that I supply it and resizes it to the browser AND makes it smooth. This class works by loading the image externally then working with it. I’m trying to retrieve the variable in the event.complete listener WITHIN this SWF, from my flash project.

I did this:

function findIsLoaded(isit:Event)

with isLoaded being the variable I am trying to call to, however it is not finding this variable.

I’m new to AS3 and I don’t understand why a global variable is not accessible. Can someone shed some light?

I’m pulling my hair out, should be sleeping, but this is bugging me and i cant go to bed. I guess I can go to bed now and hope someone has a solution.

Thanks guys.