Trouble calling my own images in Thumbnail gallery

Hi, All~

This is my first post, and I’ve unsuccessfully tried to find the answer elsewhere in the forums. It is an embarrassingly silly problem.

I have completed the excellent Flash Thumbnail Gallery Tutorial (and the Picture gallery Tutorial). I have been able to update the dynamic text content, and basically customize the look and feel of the .swf. That works when I upload it to my website.

My problem is that neither in Preview mode (via Flash) nor once uploaded to my website can I get my XML file to call my own images up. It will call the tutorial images from Kirupa if I leave them in there.

I have tried to use relative and absolute file paths for the image URL, and neither is working. I even tried using “image ID=” tags inside the node, to no avail.

I have an image directory that is a few folders deep, so I tried putting the XML, FLA and SWF (all together) in different places, updating the SWF on my html page, and then republishing. In the place where my image should be, there is nothing.

Flash reports an error when I hit CTRL+Enter that it cannot find those particular files.

I would be ENORMOUSLY GRATEFUL to anyone who might be able to help me solve this problem.