Trouble calling this java script

im using this script…

<script language="JavaScript">
function HOS(url, scrollo) {
    var Wt = screen.availWidth - 10;
    var Ht = screen.availHeight - 30;, "HOSPITAL", "width=" + Wt + ",height=" + Ht + ",top=0,left=0,scrollbars=" + scrollo);

and calling it like this:


doesnt seem to be working… wtf!

any help?

post the code inside PHP tags or we can’t see it

use [PHP*] [/PHP*]

but take the *'s away (i just put them the so it shows up)=)


what is the script ment to do

the script works fine, it opens a window at the size of the screen the user is viewing at, minus 10percent on all sides, hence a “full screen” window but not borderless or “unexitable” the script works fine when i use an onload command with it… but when i try and call it with a hypertext link it doesnt work.

Well I didn’t test it, but try changing the double quotes to single quotes, sometimes that is the problem.

that ficed it lost. thanks a bunch, i feel stupid. haha

Many a time the same thing happened to me.