Trouble masking a clip like the "grass tutorial"

I have created a similar file to the grass tutorial, and for some reason cannot mask it. It shows it is being masked on the stage, but when I preview the movie, it is unmasked. I would really appreciate some help. I can only think that maybe the actionscripts are the culprit, but I am not a strong enough scripter to know. thank you.

well, clownshoes, I seriously doubt your problem arises from some sort of scripting conflict.

Anyways, your question is too vague. Post your .fla and I’ll take a look at it.

I am not sure who clownshoes is, but…

I am attaching the file.

In my first layer I have a mask. The second layer has the clip I want to mask.

The third a simple background.

Give it a whirl.


you can’t mask stuff generated by AS through the duplicateMovieClip function. you have to throw that into an MC in order to be masked.

The AS with the duplicateMovieClip function is not attached to an object but to a layer. I am not sure how to get that into a movie clip. When I try and place it all in a MC it loses functionality. Any help here would be greatly appreciated