Trouble with Loader Component inside MovieClip

I have an instance of a Loader component called imageLoader inside of a movieClip…

I attach the MovieClip to the stage dynamically using the following:

for(var i:Number = 0; i < 15; i++){
        var depth:Number = this.getNextHighestDepth();
        tiles* = this.attachMovie("mc2", "mc2" + depth, depth);
        tiles*.imageLoader.contentPath = "1_01.jpg";
        tiles*.onRelease = function(){

The problem I’m having is that

tiles*.imageLoader.contentPath = "1_01.jpg";

doesn’t load the image into the loader but when I set the content path of the loader (using parameters in the property inspector) I get the result I’m after.

Why doesn’t the loader respond when I set it’s content path dynamically?