Trouble with on(rollOver)... on Release it doesn't go on(rollOut) anymore!

Flash 5

i have a simple on rollOver action on a button. It triggers a MC in which there are two frames (one with the Over state and one with the Out state)

[AS]on (rollOver) {
on (rollOut) {

after that there is the on Release code bla bla…

and the RollOver works, as does the RollOut.

Unless I click the button while the RollOver is triggered (which is obviously always when you click a button with rollOver anim) and then it stays in the RollOver state, even though I actually rollOut.

The strange thing is that after that, when I rollOver one of the other buttons, the RollOut is being triggered on Over. That only lasts one time and then everything functions again as meant.

anyone knows how to solve this bug in Flash???

hmmm, it can’t be that I am the only one who encountered this problem… then again, I am unique then…hoorah… :wink:

I think you’re better off posting an example of this happening

Hi ericinho , I need to know what actions have you put in frames 1 and 2 of the infobar mc.

just a stop action on both frames of the infobar MC

just add the same line from rollOut to the release event.

on (release) {
…whatever code you have in here already…


spot on David.
i came up with the same idea a few mins ago and indeed it works perfectly!
Must be some karma-stuff that made you put your idea in my head :-p

thanks all!

cool… I now have the power to sublette people’s brains from a distance. That rules! Now I just need to find Britney Spear’s mind in all this jumble of thoughts… …

. . Man. . it’s like trying to find a needle in a haystack. . . hmm. . maybe I should look for a hot girl with more mental capacity. :stuck_out_tongue:

ooo :!: I think I misread the question :wink: gj david

I want you to tell me what actionscript code did you write for the first and the second Keyframe of the _root.contentmc2.contentnav2.infobar movie clip (mc).:flower:

*Originally posted by ericinho *
**just a stop action on both frames of the infobar MC **