Trouble with

Hi everybody, I recently downloaded the from, I’m trying to make an object move away from the mouse, everything works fine until I try to constrain the objects movement within a certain space. I’m sure I’m doing something wrong, I’m preety much a newbie in Actionscript…

So, this is the code I have so far:

var avoidBehavior:Function = ParticleBehavior.create(“avoid”, {velocity:20, acceleration:5, friction:.8, range:200, avoid:Mouse});
var constrainBehavior:Function = ParticleBehavior.create(“constrain”, {bounds:frame.getBounds(), use:“bounds”});
box.onEnterFrame = ParticleBehavior.multiple(constrainBehavior, avoidBehavior);

“box” is the movieclip I want to move away from the mouse, “frame” is the boundry box.

I’ll appreciate every single word of help by any of you guys