Trouble with the flash login tutorial


I’ve tryed to make an adaptation of the Login tutorial, but I’ve a few problems with it. First, it works all right on my testing server (my PC) but when I uploaded it to the site it didn’t work as it supposed to. As far as I could see, the login movie works fine until it’s time to load the URL I wanted to load as a result. The browser looks like cycled into a forever connecting-to and stop without letting me do anything but closing it. But when I restart the browser the sesion is already started.

The code:
In a frame on the main time line:
status=“Introdusca los datos de usuario”;
this.onEnterFrame = function ()
if(_root.checklog.substr(0,1) == ‘3’){
[color=Red] getURL(“goodlogin.php”, “mainFrame”); //<-- Here looks to be the problem
if(_root.checklog.substr(0,1) == ‘2’){
status = “Usuario o contraseña incorrectos. Vuelva a intentar nuevamente.”;

on (release, keyPress “<Enter>”) {
if ((user != “”) && (pass != “”)) {
status = “Revisando acceso - Espere porfavor…”;
loadVariablesNum(“mewlogin.php”, 0, “POST”);

Now I’m getting tired of trying to figure out whats happening here: I’ve created the page with Dreamweaver, and it works all right when I use Mozilla, geko, Netscape, Konkeror, blablabla… but with explorer the same login movie is not displayed. The publish settings are the same as the other movies in the site, but it is the only one that doesn’t work at all on explorer.