Try Here

Try going to a New fourm just for a couple minutes and try joining please these fourms are great not as good as kirupa nuttin is better than kirupa but Check this place out weekly for some cool games and Animations.

right here:

I know how addictied you guys are to kirupa but it was worth a try.

well, are these yours? I guess they’re ok, but I like kirupa and don’t think I could manage two…

Nah I’ve seen enough homophobic rapping. I’ll stay here.

uhm… is this spam?..

wait can we do this…?

in that case…

I love lostinbeta’s blog and it’s great, but if you wan to read another blog you should read mine,, I know it’s not as great and you’re probably addicted to xviii’s blog, but you should try it out for something different…

What art other forums?