Try my finished game

this is my first flash game is nothing too fancy let me know what you guys think.

this one is just some animation i never got to finish.
and sorry but it launches in full screen.

and thanks to everyone that helpec me finish it and thanks to flashkit and kirupa for having such a great site.

it says the submission was blammed by the users find a web host

hey everybody sorry i guess my first game wasnt good enough for newgrounds those people are tuff over there am tellling you.

i dont know if it will work with the geocities link but try it at least so you can see what it looks like…

try to copy paste it if not i guess you guys will have to wait until i get the nicely ultimate version done…hahaha just some over exagerated talking…

I know what you mean.
I’m a member.

no work for me usetripod i use them when you get to the web editor click web gem then multimedia and flash or downalod and upload it

It’s disgusting how people can put you down so much on your first try. I am never ever going to submit on new grounds untill i know people will like it :slight_smile:

Some people are always going to hate it.
With over 30,000 NG members, there’s bound to be some jerks.

can’t get to it on geocities, perhps you’ve used your bandwidth? You need a new host.

what do you guys say if i make a threat about what people think of new grounds…like how hard they are newb’s just for kicks? hahahaha

oh and by the way i dont think u want to see the game to be honest with you not even my girl liked it and shes my girl hahaha. but thanks though.