Trying for depth

Allrighty then: second project I am doing with a particular harry potter fan group is to compile an ongoing fanfic and try to get some artwork done for it. In relationship to one character, I designed this:

I was just wanting some input/thoughts as to what is positive/negative about the picture. I tried for 3-dimensional depth using a gaussian motion blur, (layered in photoshop), added the green ‘glow’ onto the face in the second layer for realism and the onto the sword in the first layer using a standard render and directional spotlight, the sword was not readily available anywhere and I had to try and custom recreate it artistically in photoshop, added a lens flare to the sword for realism, used Eye candy and water drops for the blood, added a green highlight to the bottom of it, used a spotlight on the center of the sword and darkened the top and bottom exposure, added the text on its own final layer, applied a few different filters: inside black glow to emphasize the openings in the letters, the external green glow and the smoke and finished off with the purple/black gradient background, shifting it upward for a slight offset to the whole thing. Thanks for input.