Trying to combine two effects! Help needed with code


I’m trying to create an effect which actually is combination of two effects explained in two tutorials on Kirupa website namely (1). ActionScript Text Animation and (2). Random Letter Cycling.

The Text Animation part is working fine. but the random letter cycling part is not working fine.
i’m not able to recall the corresponding Ist letter of the word i want. In current example the text is “Ritesh”.

I’m stuck/confused in the code and not able to make my way through it.
Thats the reason i’m writing on this forum.
Please help me in solving this problem, I’ll appreciate all your help.

I’m attaching the zipped fla file with this message so that you can take a look at the code.

I look forward to hear from some of you guys soon.


1stly- i’m not exactly what your talking about and would need to see the .fla

2ndly-i know you tried to post the .fla

3irdly-it’s not there


i did posted the fla but somehow i’m also not able to see it here!!

anyway you can download it from

i look forward to hear from you soon.