Trying to create "old crackled" paper image

I’m still trying to put a website together but I can’t seem to create a convincing piece of paper in photoshop:puzzle: … Could anyone help me out here?

What I want to do is make an image of a piece of old “grungy” paper, taped or nailed or stapled to the background.
It should look old but not medieval if you know what I mean.

On this site is more or less an example of what I mean:

I especially like the “cracked” borders

try searching the forums (found at least 3 threads by looking up ‘paper’:

IMO, the most convincing way would be to actually use a photo…

it’s just a lot more natural looking, and i think it would be easier too

try to use some pan liner, pour coffee over it, smear it all over, then bake it for a few minutes… and scan it in… after
a bit of reworking it in photoshop you should have an parchment-kind texture… i never tried it myself, but ive heard often about this technique


again i apologize for not haveing my new site up and my tutorials done. You can achive the affect pretty easy and have it look quite natural. Scanning an older looking piece of paper is one idea but i do have techniquies on how to make it from scratch. If you have AIM or MSN msg me some time and if i’m free i’ll walk you threw it.

site uses both Real and Photoshop created paper

wallpaper uses only Photoshop created paper

Wow that’s -exactly- what I’d like to make (both links)
Thanks for offering the help! When I’m back in my dorm room I’ll contact you on msn, if that’s okay.

Amazing stuff, that paper on the first link…
EDIT: and the second as well, actually :slight_smile: