Trying to understand using numerals as variable names in objects. is it ok?

EDIT I just found that Senocular did much the same thing so I guess that means it’s ok…

I am curious about using numerals as variable names in objects.
I am not sure how to explain this but the code below shows what I mean:

var o:Object=new Object();
o['123']=true;// so is kinda an equivalent to 'o.123' ??
//trace(o.123);//1084: Syntax error: expecting rightparen before .123.
trace(;//true //works fine of course

so as long as I put my reference in square brackets [] is there any drawback from using numerals as variable names?

The reason I was wondering about this is because I am using a global static object and then assigning keyCodes to it eg:

	private function KD(e:KeyboardEvent):void

where Keys is my global class and KO is my object and I can just check say

if(Keys.KO['65']==true)trace('key a is down');

and yes I know I could always concat with a letter eg


but I would still like to understand it all…

thank you for your consideration,