Trying to use Senocular's zooming, springy menu


first of all, thanks to Senocular for providing the source file at - it’s fantastic. i’ve been trying to create something like this for ages but haven’t been able to - quite new to actionscripting.

anyway, i want to be able to display text in the boxes so that it relates to my website. at the moment, it’ll only generate “item0, item1, item2, etc.” but i want the text to display “home, gallery, etc.”

here’s a part of the script that i think needs to be edited to get it working but i don’t seem to be able to do it.

/*** variables ***/
var targets = [{_x:0, _y:100, _width:0}]; // first target is for reference
var baseScale = 100;
var zoomedScale = 200;
var itemCount = 5;

/*** generate ***/
for (var i=0; i<itemCount; i++){
var previous = targets[targets.length-1];
var position = {_x:previous._x + previous._width, _y:previous._y};
var item = this.attachMovie(“item”, “item” + i, i, position);
// for unique content in item clips, attach those
// movie clips to the item clip here
SetItemProperties(item, previous, 3, baseScale, 7); // set values for movement
item.onPress = ItemSelect; // set onPress handler
item.onEnterFrame = ItemEnterFrame; // set enter frame handler
targets.push(item); // include it in the targets array

there is 1 movieclip in the library called “item” and this is being re-used i think. but i don’t know how to edit this source file to allow different text to be shown.

also, if someone can let me know how i can add in the actual links that would be fantastic. ie: i want to go to home.html when home is clicked, go to gallery.html if gallery is pressed.

help is much appreciated.