Tsunami menu troubles.....any ideas?

okay so im trying to do one of these Tsunami menus for my site and im having troubles
because, although its working, its very buggy. im not that good with code, though i understand but im at a soso lvl so bare with me.

the demo is up on my server @ http://www.somdowprod.net

this is what i have so far and if you look at the demo, youll notice that for one,
although it works, the ACTUAL tsunami effects happen only when the mouse is over the text part of the button EVEN though the whole text and white bar are part of the button movie clip. if you mouse over the buttons on the right side of the buttons, you get normal rollover actions. i would assume that the trigger would be on the whole button and not just on the left side of the button.

Also and MORE importantly, certain buttons start having seizures if you will…they go nuts. mouse over at the left side of the buttons and look at what happens…

i found this somewhere but the code i used is this

on frame one i have:



then on each button i have :

//sets event to mousemove or you’ll get strange wobbling of your movie clips.
onClipEvent (mouseMove) {
//calculates distance from mouse to movie clip
dist=Math.sqrt(Math.pow(Math.abs(_xmouse),2) +Math.pow(Math.abs(_ymouse), 2));
// if within a certain distance, triggerdistance, then start changing the clips scale
if (dist<=_root.menutriggerdist) {
this._xscale = currscale;
this._yscale = currscale;

// if outside of triggerdistance, then make the scale equal to 100
} else {
this._xscale = 100;
this._yscale = 100;

i left the comments on the code so yall can see what was put on there.

any ideas?
any help would be GREATELY appreciated:hr: