Tutorial Info Corner!


Thanks for the tutorial, it always seems to work, except when the text is being displayed behind a mask - which is how I create smooth scolling text.

Any thoughts?

John :-\

Hmm, I have no clue because I never really use masks much anymore. Do you have a link or an SWF you could attach? That might help me to see what the problem might be.

Kirupa :rambo:


Thanks for taking an interest. I have no idea why it’s not working, maybe it’s me, maybe it’s Flash.

Here’s a link to a place that will demonstrate what I mean:


Any ideas would be very welcome


John :-\

Hey Kirupa,
I posted a thread asking for help with loading text from a database using ASP into Flash MX and then being able to dynamically scroll the text in Flash, and eventhough I received no replies I went about figuring it out myself and wanted to share it with you and the rest of the crew here at kirupa.com
How can I go about doing this?

Hey jagreen,
You can simply write it in a forum post or you can take a word document and type it in there. If your explanation is really good, I will be more than happy to make your explanation into an article or tutorial with full credit going to you on the site.

Kirupa :rambo:

Flash Detect: Flash Page or No-Flash Page

I used the Flash Detection Script for my website (thanks for the tutorial btw), but it doesn’t seem to work at all computers. Some computers will still display the Flash page while there is no Flash 6 plug-in. Is there something I did wrong? This is really annoying me! Hopefully somenone can help!


First: great tutorial

And than my question:

Is there an (easy) way (my flash skills are not that good)
to make the gallery run by itself (like a slide show).

I want to add two buttons to it, one with “start slideshow” and one with “pause slideshow”, is that possible?

question:i did the rollover tutorial for flash5 and it worked.
but when i create my own clips and my own buttons it doesn’t. i pratically copied your coding too.
heres what it says when i rollover it
“Target not found: Target=”/rollover" Base="_level0""

heres my coding:
on (rollOver) {
tellTarget ("/rollover") {
gotoAndPlay (“1graph”);

whats wrong?
could it be my movie clip?

Not the place to ask question, man. You should have created a thread…

Anyway, the problem is that you need to give your clip an instance name.


pom :cowboy:

instance name as in frame label? i have a frame label. doesn’t work.

Is it possible to use php coding in flash?

Hmm, why are u asking this here?

ok, about your question, u can’t use PHP commands into Flash, But if u looked at Actionscript , you’ll find out it’s similar!

About a question that it may be asked again by you, Can i use flash with PHP? Yes u can, you could post variables form flash into a PHP Script! You could even get information into your flashmovie from a PHP Script using “sendAndLoad” command!