Tutorial Login using Flash, php and MySQL

Hi,I download tutorial Login using Flash, php and MySQL and it runs very well. It’s amazing!!!
I want that identified users go each one to different pages.
Do you know how I have to do it?
I know how to do it with ASP but not with Flash. Can you do it modifing this tutorial?
With ASP code I put 3 fields in database: user, password and page (number of the page for each user).
Then I put this code in page “control.asp”:

ssql = "select * from web where user='" & request.form("user") & "' and password='" & request.form("pass") & "'" 
Set Conn = Server.CreateObject("ADODB.Connection") 
Conn.Open "my_bd" 
set RS = Conn.Execute(sSQL) 
if (not RS.eof) then 
  session("autentificado") = "si" 
  response.redirect "index.asp?errorusuario=si" 
end if 

Anybody knows how can I do it with Flash?
Thank you very much!!!