Tween Class: Zoom and Bounce

Hi, - I need help with getting a series of images to pulse or bounce througout the completion of the background audio. The idea is similar to Adobe’s Flash On. You can view at
Everything is working fine but I’d like to have each image to continue to randomly pulse after the animation is complete. The Zoom code makes it completely zoom out and back in. I don’t want it to zoom all the way out - only pulse a little. See attached code I used on each image (I’m a beginner so be kind). PLEASE ADVISE REVISED CODE TO GET IMAGES TO CONTINUE TO PULSE. THANKSS!!! Attach Code
import mx.transitions.;import mx.transitions.easing.;TransitionManager.start(ppcov, {type:Zoom, direction:Transition.IN, duration:2, easing:Bounce.easeOut});
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