Tween delay time problem!?

Hello all. First this is the picture of my activity; and this the simple code for my tween;

var delayTime:Number=5;

	function calis(e:MouseEvent):void

var pres:Tween = new Tween(gidensepet, “x”, None.easeInOut, gidensepet.x, 957,delayTime, true);
durdur.addEventListener(MouseEvent.CLICK, onClick);
function onClick(e:MouseEvent){

When I stopped my movieclip and restart again with the calistir button, the "delayTime restarts again from 5 seconds. How can I fix it just like that; when I clicked on “durdur” button and started again delayTime resume from the seconds which I arrived. For example when I clicked on “durdur” button after 4 seconds and then I clicked on “calistir” button, the delayTime should me 1 seconds.

Could you help me pls?:bored: