Tween Offscreen With Resizable Stage

I’m building a fullscreen flash website. I have objects moving from offscreen to the center of the stage and from the center to offscreen. I use a simple onResize listener to keep everything centered when the user resizes the stage. I’m using the MC Tween engine for all my tweens and they are all coded relative to the size of the stage.

E.g. aMovieClip.tween( “_y”, Stage.height / 2, … );

Everything works great EXCEPT if the user resizes the stage while a tween is in motion. How do I update the tweens end value to the appropriate location?

I’ve run into this problem. And I came up with three solutions.
One: Everything that is off screen, set alpha to 0 or visible to false.
Two: Remove everything off screen with removeMovieClip
Three: Keep trace of everything with an array and re-tween them if the stage is resized.
The one that was easiest to me was number one =)