Tweens inside a MovieClip

I’m having the following (surely too easy for some of you) issue. I created a MC that tweens (actually, SlidesTo a position, lets say B) on Rollover and goes back to the original position (A) on Rollout. This MC has a few smaller MC’s within, which work as buttons.
Now, when I roll with the mouse over these buttons, Flash considers this as if I’m Rolling out of the bigger MC, which then starts to slide back to the original position (A).
I solved this by setting the same “SlideTo (B)” action also on the inner MC’s (so, even if I “leave” the bigger MC, Flash still gets the command to go to B). The “problem” is that the sliding movement is not fluent anymore, it instead stops a bit when I roll over the smaller MC’s and then continues…the sliding movement should be smooth, instead…
I’m using “easeInOutCirc” as tweening

Anyone that can help me with this?