Twitter Application To Built A List Rapidly!

Hey there,
I found this nice twitter application two days ago.
I had no follower on my account.

I used this :

and right now I have 928 followers already !
This is insane !

And all I did was login to FlashTweet with my twitter information.
Now inside, you can have a video tutorial showing you everything.

What I did was to click mass follow, entered a name of someone I knew.
You can enter anyone who has a few hundreds/thousands followers there…
(If you have a niche, enter someone who is related to your niche!)

Then I waited for the list to load…
Now I could see a few dozens of pages there.
What I did was to click “Check All” … and then “Follow All”
I did this for page 1, page 2, and so on (you have to do it for each pages…)

Up until twitter blocks you because you reach the limit… (around 700 to 800 per day)
I suggest you stop at 600 or so per day.

And of course, while you add these up, you should do a few tweets… because a new account following 800 people if you don’t do any messages, you might get banned (I am not sure; this never happened to me and I did that on 2 account… but just in case)

So what I did was I added 200… then posted 1 or 2 tweets…
+100, 1 tweet
+200, another two tweets…
+100, two more tweets
and I waited every hour or so after that to keep posting about various things.

So it’s super simple, and you get followers very easily.

oh, if you want to, after a certain time… like 3 or 4 days, youll be following like 2000 ppl… you could search for “following only” which are the people you are following but are not following you back.

Select all + STOP Following.
This will balance your stats, and eventually, youll get more followers than you are following ! :smiley: