Twitter Before and After

Much has been written about Twitter’s new redesign, but most of these articles didn’t have what I think would be most interesting - before and after screenshots! Below is my attempt at filling this gap where the left screenshot is of the older/original version and the right screenshot is the new design :slight_smile:

Profile Page:


Display Settings:

Trending Topic:

Hopefully this helps you all better visualize the buckets of ink that have been spilled in describing this visual change :stuck_out_tongue:


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Also, what Twittr (yes, that is the correct spelling) looked like when it was first previewed:


(more where this came from)

Neat, thanks. Odd how they have gone for sharper, higher contrast for the main pages (in light mode anyway) but the opposite on the settings pages which are now greyer and blurrier

They certainly did make some interesting tradeoffs. We will see how this evolves over their upcoming releases :grinning:

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Is this only color difference i can see if i’m not wrong to catch. That’s good and also it depends what thing you are comfortable with…

There are some additional subtle changes with horizontal lines being removed and a new font, but the biggest change is the color as you say :partying_face:

I think the green puke logo is due for a comeback.

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