Two newbie questions

I am making a presentation in Flash MX, similar to a Powerpoint presentation but with an initial navigation screen. You can return to this screen at any time to pick a ‘slide’ to display.

When you load the presentation a short animation plays that makes the company logo appear as a flash of black moves along an orange line. At the moment this plays once, then stops. This is in the library as a movie. When you load a new slide, I would like it to play again, once. At the moment this does not occur. How can I achieve this?

There is at present a background layer, that has the theme and this animation, and another layer with the slides including the main menu. I simply use the go to and stop action to get to the different slides.

The second question is about publishing. My boss says that he cannot open the swf file I sent him. I made this by publishing my presentation in its current state. After publishing to a swf, should the presenation run on any computer with the flash 6 player? The file size went down from over a megabye to under 100k, which I was surprised about, especially since it contained a 50k MP3 file that I made.

For the 2nd question. Yes, there needs to be a Flash 6 player on any computer where you will be having the .swf.


thanks…tis wierd then. I told him specifically to download it and he could view another (more simple) swf done in MX.

well, I wored it out. When I made the animation in the background frame, I simply insterted key frms into the next frames where the slides would be. I just had to delete the animation from these, and put it back from the library :S

Well, it works now lol

one confusing deal is that the “Flash Player” isn’t the thing everyone gets when they install flash on their browser. Only computers that have the flash program installed have the “flash Player”. in order for someone to view the swf file you send them, you should also send the published HTML file, so that they can watch the swf through their browser. Go to file>publish settings> click the HTLM tab> then click Publish. This will generate the HTML file that you can send along with your swf so that people can view the swf in their browser.

cheers, that was exactly the thing that had me a bit confused. I eventualy worked it out by sending it to my bros computer and trying to get it working…

Hmm, just been told to redesign the thing with a white rather than black theme, and the problem with the start slide animation is back… I can’t seem to get it working again by using the same method either. I’ve been through all of the script and properties and they appear identical. I still don’t really know how i got it working the first time

Can anyone help me on this (see original post)