Two part variable name? (mx2004)

Okay so I am trying to make a crappy song player that lists the songs on stage using strictly code. My key problem is getting text to display the names of the songs. It doesn’t seem to like 2 part variables. Here is what I have. The red seems to be where the problem is at, the blue is what I am essentially trying to do. The fla is at the bottom.

songArray = new Array("song1", "song2", "song3")
onLoad = function () {
        attachMovie("song", "song"+i,i)
        _root["song"+i].createTextField("songNameMc"+i, i, _root["song"+i]._x,
_root["song"+i]._y, _root["song"+i]._width, _root["song"+i]._height)
        [COLOR=Red][COLOR=Black]_root["song"+i]["songNameMc"+i].variable =[/COLOR] a+i[COLOR=Black]