Two questions: Iterate object in an MC? Pass arguments to a function trough an Event?

  1. In AS2 if I used:

for (i in myMC:MovieClip) {
trace(myMC*); or trace(i);

i could get first the path of the other movieClips inside myMC and second just the name of the instance of the movieClips inside my MC. In AS3 if i do that my trace is blank. Is there anyway i can iterate the contents of an DisplayObject Container and moreover can i iterate it from stage so i can get all that is in the documets display list?

  1. If i initiate a function using an EventListener (let’s say a MouseEvent) how can i pass arguments to that function? I know i can pass arguments to it if it has no listeners related to it and i use function(arg1, arg2, arg); But how do i do it through an EventListener?

Thanks a lot.