Two sites to review

Hi all im a long time lurker first time poster.

So i have just finished these site after a long time. christmas hols gave me the time need to finish them

Site 1
I started iPhone Source just before the iphone boom got slash doted etc… but i have just finished the first phase of the relaunch.

all comments, queries advice are welcome

Site 2

Can you please check this:

Basically I was sitting there last year reading through digg and realizing that none of this was relevant to what i wanted to know/read, what I was interested in was quality links/articles to do with web development and design.

So after looking over the internet for a service that would provide something similar and failing I decided to start wscoop. wscoop is dedicated to bring fresh, top quality web development and design links/articles to the community.

Please all comments, queries advice are welcome.