Typing Errors

Hi, great tutorial site. I’ve found some typing errors that should be corrected at the following location www.kirupa.com/developer/…tion2.asp. I was lost for a while. I couldn’t figure out my right from my left :slight_smile:

“Select the keyframe on Frame 25. Note that the text on your work area is also selected. Select the text with your mouse cursor, and press the left arrow to move the text to your right. I recommend you press Shift + Left Arrow to make the text move to your right even faster. Stop once the text has gone of the movie area on the right:”

“Shift + Left Arrow” does not make something move to the right. Unless i’m mistaken, please correct me. :slight_smile:

Hey ddebidin,
Thanks for pointing that out! I just fixed that error. I can’t believe I overlooked that error (it is quite confusing…even for the most abstract minded individuals haha)