Ubuntu - Breezey Badger

Ubuntu 5.10 affectionately dubbed Breezey Badger was recently released. Anyone interested in the Linux scene surely knows of Ubuntu but if you’re new to it all check out the official Ubuntu website. It’s got some interesting new features including a revolutionary Thin Client Integration which will help the acceptance of wide scale Ubuntu usage via schools or other large networks. Ubuntu now has OEM Installer support making easy distribution with new computers a possibility. They also made the big jump from Open Office.org 1.3.x (I think) to Open Office.org 2.0 (still beta).

Those are just a few of the many important new features of Ubuntu - so definitely check out the press release and give this awesome Linux distro a try. - http://www.ubuntu.com/newsitems/release510

Also worth noting is the simultaneous release of Kubuntu, Ubuntu’s KDE based brother. It also sports a ton of new features so be sure to check out both options if you’re interested in upgrading or switching over. - http://kubuntu.org/