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p>I have never fear, nor in the life of the suffering of the complaint. Because I put those suffering as I the colors of the life, with the colour, my life will become colorful! I don’t know the precious life. It is also because of Uggs boot 2011 these suffering, make me become more strong!<br />
I would not blame my fate, but I will appreciate of my fate, because it taught me a lot. Let I learned to strong, if I do know the true meaning of life!<br />
The life needs to undertake, the more require to grasp their fate, not live in the other people’s mouth, don’t live in other people’s eyes, but is the fate in their hands. Look to the dream, dream and have been in struggle, but not blindly.<br />
Not to university desired to flaunt their own, don’t feel outstanding, but their attitude put down, his own these low, let oneself precipitation down, holding the learning attitude to modify to the environment, accept the challenge. Put down “figure” to promote his status, temporary and will recognize low dreams for the future.<br />
<br />
I do know I am from the countryside, no funds, no social UGG Classic Short Boots 5825 relationship, and only in the university, also no work experience and experience, I think these are not awful. No funds, can through the hard work to earn; No experience, can through the practice operation to summarize; No experience, can step by step to accumulation; No social relationship, can point to weave. But, there is no dream is the most awful, can let a person feel fear!</p>