Uhaul can haul it up their ***

So I’m moving my stuff out from my old apartment into my new one and I need a truck. Call up Uhaul and reserve a 10’ truck, smallest they have, but just enough to fit all my stuff. They confirm and tell me to go to this location right by my old apt to pick it up. The day before I head down they call and say they don’t have the truck and to go to this other place that did about 40 mi away from the other. Fine, whatever. So I drive down the 300mi to my old apt to pick up my stuff, fortunately, the place I was redirected to was on the way. I go in there, give them my reservation number and they hand me a key. I ask which truck, and they point to the biggest one on the lot, a 26’ behemoth. They told me I was “upgraded”. I told them, no, that’s “stupid”, where’s my smaller truck? What am I going to do with 16 feet of extra space, my stuff is going to move all over the place. They said fine, they’re expecting a smaller truck later on in the day and that they’d call. Okay I tells them and head to the apt to clean in the meantime. Later on they contact me saying my truck is en route. So I head back out there. When I get there they say there’s a problem. The truck broke down and had to be worked on, completely undriveable. I kindly tell them to wait as I think of what I’m going to do. I head out to my car, get inside, roll up all my windows, then yell obsenities at my windshield for a good 10 minutes. I get back out and go back in the establishment. I tell them, fine I’ll take the 26’. He asks for my license, fills out some stuff, and starts punching things in his computer. A silent yet audible “uh oh” comes out of him. I ask him what’s wrong. MY RESERVATION HAD BEEN TAKEN OFF THE SYSTEM! So now I’m standing there ready to wreak havoc in their shop. Seriously. I wanted to take all the racks and just knock them all down. The only thing stopping me was the fact that he was still holding my license. He said he’ll try to get it back, but he’ll have to contact hq where they make the reservations. Oh and by the way, it took me almost half an hour to actually get through. He calls the number. 10 minutes pass…15, 20, and finally…22. Someone picks up. They’re talking, using their own lingo, and whatnot. Finally they get my information back. Things are starting to simmer down. They gave it to me at the price I had been quoted and even docked a couple bucks for the inconvenience which otherwise wouldn’t have been insignificant compared to the rapture I was about to release inside their store had they not gotten my reservation back, but again, he was still holding my license. I get the key, my license, a receipt and I head out the door. Oh and I kick a box on my way out, only slightly.

The end? Hell no. This thing’s huge. It’s got enough space to store 2 of my car (echo) inside and a tank of gas large enough to fuel a space shuttle for months. How do I know this? Well, filling this thing up with gas cost me, oh, only $100 (~$2.99/gal around me), and yet it wasn’t even full. Now I have to bring this thing up to my new place then bring it back with half a tank of gas. I think I’m just going to fill the tank with sand and leave it at their lot on fire.

Don’t deal with Uhaul.