UILoader positioning issue

I have searched around several forums but cannot find the solution to my three part problem.

I have a movie which loads another movie on a “page”.
I am using a UILoader component from the component library, then set the parameters scaleContent to false and the source to the external movie. I am not using actionscript to load or unload the movie.

Now the problems I am having:
A) Sometimes (not always) the movie does not load the first time you go to the page it is on, navigating away then back to the page loads it fine and each time thereafter.

B) The positioning is all goofy, I set the UILoader symbol so it will load in the portion of the page I want ti to be displayed, but it actually shows up approximately 40px to the right and 60px from the top of the UILoader symbol (which itself is set to 100x100px and no scaling) I dont know the actual distances I’m just guessing.

C) When the external movie loads, the dummy portions of the movie “flash” briefly in the original placement of the UILoader symbol.

Eventually I got the movie to load in about the position I want, but guess-tweak-test method obviously isnt the preferred method of positioning.

I tried messing around with the other movie a bit, it was a purchased gallery from FlashTuning and I have not learned all there is to know about it yet so I didnt want to take it too far yet.

If anyone would like to see what I am talking about here is the link: http://www.lucidautomation.com then select “TOUCHPANELS”

Thanks in advance for any help.