Ultimate BAttle of the Gods

Ummm yea. You two ready? UNFLUX, Silent? If you are let’s do this. After you respond I’ll set the rules and stuff. I’m ready when you are.

I want to be a god too!!!
I should be considered a god, I beat you Dj :smiley:

But unfortunately, grinch, hes gotten way better. but dj, i cant battle for like the next month. im leaving tomorrow for my vacation to philippines. srry buddy. you can ask unflux if he wants though. by the way, i like the title of this. Ultimate Battle of the Gods. really nice.

what about zao?

I am pretty sure this was planned before the ultimate kirupa battle then put on hold tis prolly why zao isnt in it.

zao could win!

I’d be open to stand in for Silent.

is there anyway that i might be able to jump in on this one?

Fonelan. Not up to me, but welcome to the forums. There are a few open battles now that you can jump in, just in case you don’t get in this one.

Yeah Dj’s gotten better, and so have I.


I’ve only won one battle, i’m not yet a GOD heh

i do not know why my post count went back to zero. i was on here before i was in the car mod battles and the last battle…the ultimate one…but just dont know why my account lost all my posts…it just atuo logged me out too. :upset:

congrats on the last battle. that piece was nice…and hats off to you cause you went against me in the semis. nice going…i look forward to more battles with you

probably the name change that reset your posts to 0 :-/

still running on the same name though…i was on last night with no problom. and today when i was on i had to put my username and password in again…

Gods… heh… is there a smiley for big head? :wink: DOH that’s a wink :td:

do you have any thread we could look at if you’ve suddenly disapeared of the server ?

I think Fonelan is Hypermint…

So how’s the battle of the pretentious ?

Ethan I’d be glad to have you replace silent.gear. Now let’s see if UNFLUX can do this. If not then me and you Ethan, Ok?