Um help!

how do I put this flash banner on my website?!?!? please help!

Just embed it (??? What’s the trouble ???). I can’t see your link by the way.

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Lol i dont know how to embed it, i normally save pics i make on flash as gif but this person wanted it as flash

“HTML Comments are not allowed” Give me a break !!

It’s <a href=>there</a> and <a href=>there</a>

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I still can see your banner. Please post your site when everything’s embeded.

its for my friend on neopets but my website is also did i mention to say THANK YOU!!! lol

Two things about that banner I have to tell you :’s painfully slow to download, and I’m on ADSL. Try to make it smaller in size, or to set up a preloader.
2.there’s no way to read what’s written on it.

Good luck starygirl ! (in slovenian, stari means old :frowning: )
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