heres my new piece of crap that is really crappy but i had to make it to celebrate the release of the sweet sequal. it used to be alot better with all kinds of need stuff but i had to scrap it because it was 65 k

[swf=“http://geocities.com/mattijoegeorge/guitophoota.swf height=60 width=300”][/swf]


****, i just got on my other comp and it seems like you cant see the authentic Matrix font… can u guys see it?

if not, ill post the font file in this thread…

im on a mac at uni and cant see any of the footer :-\

Can you please post the font, UG?

I see white squares?

im back at home now and i can see the footer fine, nice work :thumb:

cool, yeah i had to make the testbox in adobe and save it as a jpg then import it for everyone to see it :ub:

i see it now