Undefined? Boooo

I never have this problem on my PC.

Okay, I’ve got a cloud.swf, that’s part of a cloud.htm. A button (not advanced scripting at all, I promise) in the cloud.swf is supposed to send you to cloud1.htm, which just happens to contain a cloud1.swf. So, when I publish my swf and click on the button that sends you to cloud1.htm, Good ol’ Safari says, "Safari can’t find the file. No file exists at the address “/macintosh HD/users/dan/desktop/cloudtypes/undefined”

Wait a sec, I never told you to look for undefined, Flash. I told you do do this:
getURL(cloud1.htm, “_top”)

Is this a total noob mistake, perhaps something totally obvious that I’m missing as a result of sleep deprivation?