'undefined' in txt area and picture slider only loading some pics


I made a website that does it alright on the internet on my PC, and I haven’t heard any complaints from my client either, but a few hours ago I visited a friend and on his PC the website didn’t work exactly as it should. So I wanted to ask all who reads this, to please have a look at this and tell me if you have the same problem or not.

The website is here

When you’re on the opening page you have to press the 1st button under the pics (the word = the link), then a centered flash pop-up appears with in the upper banner the buttons of the 4 different pages. In the Arabic “gate” there should always be a text scroller.

The problems were the following:

    • On some of the pages the text scroller didn’t appear, or the scroller appeared but where the text should have been there was the word ‘undefined’
    • On the “wat” page, there should be a horizontal picture slider behind that Arabic gate. On the PC of my friend only a few pictures appeared, making the gaps between the pics that were shown gigantic and with variable sizes (normally, with all the pics shown, the spaces between the pics are all the same width)

The browser the guy was using was, and maybe that is where the problem lies, Internet Explorer 6.

Can everyone have a test please, and If you comment can you please also give the browser’s name and version please? I’m so curious to know what is causing this problem.