Undefined variable?

almost got this working, but still need a little help!

this is an example of what i type…


this is what i get…


I have created a test swf file to make sure the variable is sending and coming back the way i want it. here is my script in php…

if($member->active == 1){
print “playurl=$fileURL”;

i am not sure how exactly it pulls the variable from flash, but i think it works for my mysql stuff that i have in the php file.

Here is my actionscript in flash…

lvOut = new LoadVars();
lvIn = new LoadVars();
lvIn.onLoad = function (success)
_root.vartext.text = lvIn.playurl;
lvOut.folder = _level0.folder;
lvOut.sendAndLoad(“http://www.mysite.com/variables.php?folder=” + _level0.folder + “”, lvIn, “POST”);

I got that script from a post on this site, but just edited it so it will work with my variables. the part where it says…

lvOut.sendAndLoad(“http://www.mysite.com/variables.php?folder=” + _level0.folder + “”, lvIn, “POST”);

i tried loading just variables.php instead of the ?folder= blah, and that did not work either :frowning:

if there is anything i need to change, please tell me!!! i need to get this freakin script working!