Understanding Levels

Hi all,

I have a question about movie clips and levels. I have a small contact form. Everything is working fine. The client wants to add more content so I need to make the whole SWF scrollable. My first instint is to just make the entire swf an MC and then add the ScollPane. My problem is that once I make the various input elements into an MC they stop working. I figure this has something to do with levels. I am afraid to play around with _root too much as this swf is loaded into another swf at runtime.

I’ve tried pointing to the MC as in the example below, but no luck. Any ideas?

This is just a little chunk pulled out form the code. contact_us is the name of the stage MC.

for( var elem in inputs) {
contact_us.inputs[elem].border = true;
contact_us.inputs[elem].borderColor = normal_border;
contact_us.inputs[elem].background = true;
contact_us.inputs[elem].backgroundColor = normal_background;
contact_us.inputs[elem].textColor = normal_color;

contact_us.inputs[elem].onSetFocus = function() {
    this.borderColor = focus_border;
    this.backgroundColor = focus_background;
    this.textColor = focus_color;
contact_us.inputs[elem].onKillFocus = function() {
    this.borderColor = normal_border;
    this.backgroundColor = normal_background;
    this.textColor = normal_color;