Understanding removeMovieClip()

Hello Kirupa Forums,

I’m relatively new to Flash and AS, and have been lurking around this site for a little while now (excellent tutorials by the way!) I’ve finally come across a coding problem I cannot solve, so I decided to ask you experts and see what you think:

I’m creating a simple movie with some movie clips of scenery (mountains, trees, etc.) and falling snow. The problem lies in the snow. The way it is set up now, I have the following code on the first frame of the main movie to constantly create little flake MCs (thanks to Kirupa for the duplicate movie tutorial):

onEnterFrame = function()
	i = i + 1;
	this.attachMovie("circle_mc", "circle" + i, 10 + i);

That works fine; however, when each flake reaches the bottom of the stage, I’d like to remove them from the movie. Each flake is an MC instance inside another MC, called flake_mc. The instance has this code:

onClipEvent (load) {
   this._x = random(250);
   this._y = 0;
   this._alpha = random(100);

onClipEvent (enterFrame)
	this._y = this._y + 5;
	if (this._y >= 150)

Everything works great except the removeMovieClip part. I tried a few variations, but nothing seems to work. Any ideas? Or any comments on a better way to control and maintain a huge amount of temporary MCs?

Thanks in advance for any help,