Uninstall question

when i bought my pc it came pre-installed with e-trust antivirus. 2 weeks ago, i kept getting a message that i had to renew my subscription, but i didn’t want to do that, so i decided to reinstall norton AV 2005. i uninstalled my e-trust antivirus, but as i was almost done uninstalling, my pc crashed so i had to reboot which brings me to my problem.
now every time i try to (un)install something i get an e-trust AV message that it can’t find my e-trust AV anymore (with my pc crashing, it deleted half the program but half of it is still there), because with every (un)install it used to check for viruses. so i go back to my software list, my e-trust AV is still in there, when i try to uninstall it, i get a message that it cant find the .msi to uninstall it :sigh:

how can i delete that e-trust AV crap without having to install it completely again to do a proper uninstall (cause i lost the cd)?