Unique identifier problem

[right]Note: Flash 8 Actionscript[/right]

This might be something simple, but the solution is just eluding me-

I am reading data out of a XML file and based on the XML file, I am creating movie clips dynamically using the code below: -

Obviously, now no matter how many** numOfPeople** I loop through, all movie clips are obviously going to have the same guestName because it has the same identifier. How do I create a unique identifier for each new instance of Guest?

for(var i=0; i<numOfPeople; i++){[indent]if(statusNum == “1”){

var guest_clip:Guest = new Guest(“guest”+i, this, i);

else …


*I tried *
1) var “guest_clip”+i:Guest = new Guest(“guest”+i,this,i), but this gives me an invalid identifier error.
2) ***var i:Guest = new Guest(“guest”+i,this,i) - ***this doesnt work either